A collection of some of our favorite moments from Nebraska Project films.

It’s a tapestry of land harnessed to be bountiful. A place that helps feed the world.


Mother Nature makes you earn your fun in the cornhusker state. Huge temperature swings, vast differences in topography, a wind that is unrelenting. She made up for it with beautiful scenes, more miles of river than any other state, and vistas that stretch on forever.

So many times, we’ve heard people disparaging one of America’s great treasures, dubbing it a “fly-over state.” If they took their time, looked around slowly, and stopped to enjoy the good life they would find an American oasis filled with kind, generous, courteous people and abundant natural beauty.

Nebraska is the spacious skies. It is the amber waves of grain.

Join us in preserving the stories from America’s majestic frontier.




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