R.F. McEwen

R.F. McEwen is an arborist, Olympic-style weight lifter and poet living in Chadron, NE. He is the author of two book, Heartwood and Casey Joe MacBride’s White River, Vol. 1and has been featured in several poetry collections.

McEwen is more than a writer, he is a character. As he tells it, he’s lived many lives. He grew up on the Southside of Chicago, then found himself in Pine Ridge, SD, for much of his adult life where he became close to the Native American culture and way of life. He became close to the land, creating art with animal skins and feathers and trimming trees.

He is a very focused man. Two of his passions in life, tree trimming and weight lifting, require total concentration. Any misstep could result in serious injury. His treats his poetry the same. He chooses to write in blank verse because it is the most difficult for him to do well. McEwen is never one to take the easy way out.

Please meet, R.F. McEwen.