Christine Casey

Christine is a senior journalism major at the University of Florida from Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. Prior to working for Bill and Laura, she worked as a freelancer shooting various sports at the University of Florida.

“For me, the best part of working on the Nebraska Project was being lucky enough to meet the people that we did. They all have an unquestionable kindness that you can’t find in just anyone and I am so glad that we can share that with the world through these films. Documentary films allow you to share people’s stories that otherwise would never be told. I have seen incredible places this summer and Nebraska has been my favorite one. It’s simplistic but elegant and is filled with these impeccable people and their beautiful stories.

Working with Bill and Laura has been an absolute adventure. I have learned so much working for them and know there is still a lot for me to learn. We spent numerous hours together working on this project and I am so grateful that not only did we produce a wonderful product but had many laughs a long the way.”