Respect. Reflection. Resonance.

As Nebraska has its 150th birthday on March 1, 2017, we look to some of the the people who know it best to give us perspective on our land and it’s inhabitants – our centenarians.

One hundred years is a very long time in human terms. Over a century, they have collected countless moments to share and wise words to guide the rest of us on our journeys.

Distilling a lifetime of memories into short interviews is not easy – especially lives lived this long and full.  

They saw the first automobiles, the first telephones, the coming of electric power to rural areas, prohibition, and women’s suffrage. They’ve seen advances and setbacks. Everything from sod houses, to humans walking on the moon. They’ve witnessed technological advances in all things – education, medicine and agriculture. 

They lived through the terror of the dirty 30’s when the very soul of the land – the soil – came loose and covered everything, resulting in immense tragedy, destruction and death.

Their longevity has been sustained by the bedrock values of humor, love, patience, commitment and hard work. 

For us, that pretty much defines Nebraska.